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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Certified Sex Therapist (CST), Laura M. Brotherson is the founder of The Marital Intimacy Institute with a mission to help couples create “sextraordinary” marriages. She counsels with individuals and couples and is passionate about helping couples navigate the intricacies of intimacy—specializing in healthy sexuality, sex therapy, and sex addiction.

Laura is the author of the best-selling book, And They Were Not Ashamed: Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment, Knowing HER Intimately: 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage, and her latest book From Honeymoon to Happily Ever After: 23 Keys to Prepare for a Sextraordinary Marriage. 

Laura is also actively engaged in providing marriage education through Couples Cruises, articles, newsletters, radio and television broadcasts, “The Marital Intimacy Show” podcast, and presenting at conferences and workshops. Laura is a regular contributor to the KSL Television “Studio 5” morning show. She and her husband, Kevin, are the founders of — your trusted resource for education, products and services to strengthen marriages… intimately!